Jenny’s Light and Postpartum Suicidality

This Mother’s Day is a great time to think of and remember those mom’s that might easily be forgotten.

Reading through Jenny and Graham’s story is heartbreaking and heart wrenching.  You’re lucky if you can get through it without your eyes blurring over with tears.  But please do!

Jenny’s Light was founded by Jenny’s sister and seeks to raise awareness, resources, and support for those mom’s that are tragically considering or acting on taking their or their baby’s life.

It’s a really hard topic, but Jenny’s Light seeks to bring “light” to this heavy stuff in hopes that a life might be saved.

9th Annual Jenny’s Light 5/10k & Kids 1k Run

“In partnership with Supporting Mamas”

Sunday, May 14, 2017 9:00 AM

Registration starts at 7:30am.  For more information:

Bay Area Birth Information will have a table at this event and are available to talk to anyone that has questions about resources in the Bay Area for new parents and families.

For more information on Bay Area Birth Information check out our website at: