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How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids by Jancee Dunn

“A hilariously candid account of one woman’s quest to bring her post-baby marriage back from the brink, with life-changing real-world advice.”

Thank God this book has been written and published.  I can’t tell you how many times a mom has mentioned to me how desperately she would love relationship counseling for her and her spouse post-baby.  But the timing never seems quite right with so many things in daily life standing in the way: like the new baby and maybe some older kid(s), work, chores, budgets, and last but certainly not least- that strained attempt at relaxing and maybe even sleep.

Besides- who the heck want’s to talk about the hard parts of a relationship when they are struggling to just barely get along with their spouse?

That’s why this book is a must read.  It’s funny, relatable, and has the tips that your local relationship therapist (ahem…me!) will be giving you in counseling.

I wouldn’t say it’s a filler for counseling- but it is definitely a great start in repairing, rebuilding, and re-romanticizing your marriage.  And the skills provided are a great foundation to couples therapy when you are ready.

A quote taken from the front insert of the book pointedly states, “Many expectant parents spend weeks researching the best crib or safest car seat but spend little if any time thinking about the titanic impact the baby will have on their marriage- and the way their marriage will affect their child”.

Every relationship needs a little TLC once in a while.  

Luckily, I will be hosting the first ever “Love After Baby” workshop at Tiny Tots in Campbell on June 22, 2017.  

Mark your calendars, call a babysitter, and join me for an energetic and fun night dedicated to strengthening your relationship and reconnecting with your partner after having kids.

In this workshop we will explore: neuroscience and how the brain changes after having a baby, attachment theories as applied to your marriage, and communication must-do’s to sustain friendship and companionship.

Stop arguing and start uniting together as a whole!

When: June 22, 2017

Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Where: Tiny Tots Parent Resource Center at 138 Railway Ave., Campbell, CA 95008

The cost is $45 per couple and space is limited.  Please no children- infants in arms are okay.

RSVP to Tiny Tots: http://store.tinytots.com/store/product/48778/Love-After-Baby-June-22/

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