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Can the “One” really be your “Everything”?

“When you write a story, you edit, you change, you see things that don’t fit.  It’s never a perfect story, ever.” Esther Perel

It’s problematic to expect the person that you are in love with, married to, or living with is the one and only that will fulfill your needs.  In our culture and our day and age we put so many expectations on our partner that we often set ourselves up for disillusionment.

Expecting that your partner can provide you with everything is unrealistic and can set the stage for deep emotional pain.

Instead, look at your partner choice as a story that you are writing together.  Every couple has issues.  How you go about looking at and tackling those issues is the process that will lead down the road of happiness or trouble.

Watch the video below as Esther Perel explains why our relationships often feel stressed and constrained.


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