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Love on the Brain

Love acts as is a safety cue that actually calms and soothes the human brain.  When we are faced with fears, anxieties, or real life losses our limbic system begins to light up triggering the fight/flight/freeze reaction.  A loving partner can soothe the reactivity of the limbic system when emotional connection is reached and a secure attachment is established.

This video by Dr. Sue Johnson speaks to research that strongly links attachment and the emotional connection of love to soothing the limbic reactivity of threat.

Are you emotionally connecting with your partner?

Is your partner emotionally connecting with you?

In your marriage, are you heightening the limbic response of fight or flight?  Or are you soothing each other on the neurological level by providing deep attachment and connection?

Couples therapy provides a space to adjust the unhealthy responses in your relationship that are triggering stress and dissatisfaction.

Through therapy you can learn to emotionally connect with your partner and allow your partner to emotionally connect with you.  Thus, deepening your attachment and bond and increasing soothing and calming feelings in your body and brain.

The result is a life that you love living, and a partner with whom you love living it.


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