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Navigating New Parenthood – The Mini Guide

Together with several awesome Bay Area pregnancy, birth and baby experts I contributed to a mini guide for expecting parents as well as parents of newborns. It is a collection of tips about pregnancy, birth and new parenthood to help you on this new journey you have stepped on.  Here’s a little teaser of my article:

“Having a baby is profoundly impacting for a couple, and profoundly uniting.  Parenthood brings with it a marital bond that will last for the rest of your lives as you share the joy of raising this child.  Sometimes it also brings new hiccups to your marital bliss.” 

To read the rest of the article as well as articles on, for example, morning sickness, planning your birth, and being present with your growing family, head on over to Navigating New Parenthood mini guide!


My collaborators:

Alicia Fishbein, South Bay doula

Check out Alicia’s free birth plan checklist download here!

Amber Pearson, East Bay doula

Amie Wang, pilates instructor and founder of play it fit

Check out Amie’s Movement Bit videos here!

Jenna Christina, Bay Area newborn and family photographer

Neta Shani, acupuncturist

Dr. Rachel Hamel, holistic cranial chiropractor

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