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Why Your Head Hurts When an Infant Cries

Remember that time when you heard an infant wailing and it almost felt like nails on a chalkboard? Well, you are not alone in your reaction! New research suggests that the cry of an infant is a biologically evolved means of survival and serves as a cue in the caretakers brain to attend to theContinue reading “Why Your Head Hurts When an Infant Cries”

Can the “One” really be your “Everything”?

“When you write a story, you edit, you change, you see things that don’t fit.  It’s never a perfect story, ever.” Esther Perel It’s problematic to expect the person that you are in love with, married to, or living with is the one and only that will fulfill your needs.  In our culture and ourContinue reading “Can the “One” really be your “Everything”?”