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"So thankful I found this therapist. She's down to earth and warm and has been wonderful helping me with my postpartum depression. I've recommended her to other friends who are new moms who need some support."
Former Client

I help people who are trying to make the best of their lives. 

You have probably already noticed that you’re struggling.  Maybe you are talking about it to your friends or colleagues.  Maybe you’ve even already mentioned it to your spouse or significant other.  This is what you’ve been told to do- talk about it. 
But instead of help from others, you’ve found that they are struggling as well.

You are still lost, even more alone in your personal struggles and more overwhelmed. 

The flaws of your relationships are staggering and your house might feel more lonely and hostile than just being away by yourself.
Today you have found me, something about my photo or my intro statement, possibly my specialities have brought you this far. 
But can I really help?  And are you really ready?  I empathize with the difficulty of the situation. 

Getting help is hard, knowing who is right for you is harder.

Wondering if your problems can be relieved feels insurmountable. 
I’ve been there too.  That’s why I do this work.  I want to know you so that you can know yourself. 
I believe in the power of processing internal confusions with a psychotherapist. 

I believe there is more for you.  I’d like to help.

Areas of Focus in working with Individuals
Relationship Problems and Conflict
Feeling down or depressed
Miscarriage and Infertility
IVF and Fertility Treatments
Elective Termination
Parenting babies/children with Special Needs
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Bipolar Disorder 
Life transitions
Sex Concerns
Sexuality Issues
Pain with Intercourse
Desire discrepancies, libido
Family relationships, in-laws
Use of pornography or marriage breaches
Body Image

And More

Ready to start feeling better?

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