Did you know that 15% of women experience depression after childbirth? And that perinatal depression is the most common complication of childbirth? (Postpartum Support International)

But what does depression look like for a new parent?  

Postpartum depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders don’t follow the text-book images of what people think of when they imagine the symptomatology of these disorders.  Here are some key attribute of a postpartum mood disorder:


-Not quite feeling yourself

-Unwanted or scary thoughts: like accidentally hurting the baby or yourself

-Feeling like you shouldn’t be left alone with the baby or yourself

-Explosiveness or Rage

-Hours or minutes in the day that you feel elated, grateful, complete and then it all goes away

-Deep loneliness

-Problems connecting with your spouse compounded with anger and even resentment

-Feeling overwhelmed or in over your head

If you or someone you love or know is describing any or all of these symptoms please know that there is help.  You are not alone and with the right support you can and will find your footing as the wonderful parent you want to be.

I am a trained therapist in perinatal mood disorders and can help you to find happiness and peace.

Support Resources that are free:  Supporting Mamas

Postpartum Support International

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