Have you or your partner had an extra-marital affair?  Are you heart-broken, confused, ashamed, angry, or just full of rage?  Is your partner trying to mend things, make things like they used to be but you’re not feeling it?

An affair in a relationship can be devastating and disastrous.  Seeking counseling can feel overwhelming, unwanted, and useless.

Why would you want to go tell someone your deepest secrets and show them your biggest blemishes just to find out the relationship is over and there is no hope?

I’m here to tell you that there is hope.  It might not feel that way now but I can help you to heal from infidelity.

Each couple that sees me for issues of infidelity is different and unique.  Sometimes the relationship can heal and the affair actually becomes a catalyst for positive change and growth.  Other times the affair is a catalyst for self exploration and a movement toward autonomy.  Anyway you look at it, an affair causes change.

I am skilled and trained in helping you to make that change the best possible.

Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW provides Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy in and around the South Bay communities of Los Gatos, Willow Glen, Campbell, and San Jose.

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