Intimacy is the glue that binds a relationship.  

Are you lacking in your sex life?  Maybe you want more but your partner doesn’t.  Are you having difficulty talking to your partner about your desires and wishes?  Maybe you don’t even know if you have desires or wishes!

Sexual intimacy can feel elating and wonderful.  You lounge together on the green grass and make dreams together.  You laugh and play and joke with each other.  You are comfortable sharing the worst parts of yourself and your partner treats you with kindness and respect.

However, a lack of sexual intimacy can feel scary, confusing, and frustrating.  Talking to a third person might be the last idea you have on your list of remedy’s.  Especially if there is any sort of performance issue or individualized anxiety.

I am a therapist that loves talking about sex.  I feel confident that I can put ease to any anxiety you might have in addressing this sensitive and utterly important topic.

Each individual and each couple brings in their own unique histories, stories, and journeys in their relationship to sex and sexuality.  Sharing it in a controlled and safe environment with a professional that is knowledgable on relational dynamics can bring relief to this essential part of your relationship.

Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW provides Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy in and around the South Bay communities of Los Gatos, Willow Glen, Campbell, and San Jose.

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