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Anew Therapy, PLLC

Angela Jensen-Ramirez, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Individuals/ Couples/ Sexual Health/ Postpartum

Anew Therapy will continue to provide couple and individual counseling via Online Therapy Services during Covid-19 shelter-in-place (link here).

Angela Jensen-Ramirez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of California (license # 66376) and Texas (license #67109).
California residents can meet with Angela via online video platforms.
Austin, Texas residents can meet with Angela via in-person and online platforms.


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Angela offers the following:

 Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Adult attachment science, which has developed alongside EFT, focuses the therapist on the emotional disconnection that disrupts the accessibility, responsiveness and engagement necessary for secure bonding interactions as the central problem in distressed couples and families, (Dr. Sue Johnson).

 In our work together I look at your present relational patterns with a strengths-based and validating perspective while I help you to more effectively communicate with your partner.  


When you work with Angela you will be embarking on a therapeutic modality that works. 


The goal of EFT is to first help partners deescalate negative cycles of interaction, such as angry, critical demanding followed by defensive stonewalling and distance, that fuel distress, and second, to move partners into a process of restructuring bonding interactions and finally to shape the consolidation of gains. In corrective bonding interactions in the restructuring stage, partners can co-regulate fears of rejection and abandonment, and communicate attachment needs in ways that invite responsiveness, (Dr. Sue Johnson).

Personal Sexual Health Counseling 

Physiological health is the bedrock of physical health and emotional health.  Sex therapy focuses the therapist on understanding, educating, normalizing, and alleviating the discomfort, isolation, and hopeless that often accompany sexual health.


You are not alone.  Angela can support you with your sexual health issues.


The goal of sex therapy is to first develop an understanding of the problem.  Sometimes this means a referral to a collaborative provider like a urologist, OBGYN, or pelvic floor specialist.  Next, we develop a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle, your health, and your relationships. Sex therapy is more than a routine date night, it’s addressing the underlying issues that pertain to your body as well as your thoughts and effectively communicating this with your health care providers and partners.  Together we can talk about your most intimate of issues in a welcoming and supporting environment.


                                                      Women’s Reproductive Health

A woman’s experience of her reproductive health is not always easy, graceful or uncomplicated.  For many women and families reproductive health can be challenging, traumatic, difficult, and emotionally destabilizing.  


Supportive therapy with Angela through difficult times will help in your healing.


Our work together will include mapping out a path to your wellness.  Understanding your body’s response to your situation will assist in discovering tools that you can access and depend on when you need them.  You are not alone.  


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Couples Counseling
Sexual Health Counseling
The healing power of psychotherapy has been demonstrated to me in real time over and over throughout my two decades of experience in mental health.
I will continue to learn and grow as I provide you with individualized treatment that fits your lifestyle, needs, and goals.
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“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”
― Rumi

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"Angela is an incredibly talented therapist! She is warm hearted, kind, compassionate, and don't be fooled though, she'll also give it to you straight. I adore her and I highly recommend and trust her! I've even sent people her way because she really is great."
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