I use the popular term “Tween” to describe the dynamic transition a person makes between their childhood and teenage years- they are essentially “in-between”.  This marks a time of great transformation for the young person- physiologically and hormonally- where identity, differentiation, and smelly socks all compound to create “the perfect storm”.

This is also a time where parents are making shifts as well.  According to a recent NPR article, this is the time when a mother might experience increased depression and isolation along with changes in identity and hormones.

If you are worried about your tween or you are feeling depressed and disconnected yourself- I can help.  

Through education, coaching, feedback, problem solving and personal support I can assist parents to navigate the pre-teen years while keeping their cool.

I work with this young population as well and would be happy to provide the same support and guidance for your child.

For insight into my parenting support with parents encountering peer and social relational problems please read my blog post: My Daughter and the Mean Girls.

Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW provides Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy in and around the South Bay communities of Los Gatos, Willow Glen, Campbell, and San Jose.

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